Why butterflies?

 Something I wrote a long time ago explains why I chose the heading I did.

Free to Share

A butterfly is free,

giving to all who see.

A turtle hides in its shell,

never letting anyone know him well.

I would rather be like the butterfly,

giving, sharing beauty, free.

Not like the turtle,

afraid, hiding, a prisoner.

Of course, the butterfly used to be a caterpillar

trapped in a cocoon.

This gives hope for change!

Susan Aken

I have always struggled with my tendency to “hide” from people – my thoughts, my words, my eyes and who I am inside. But isolation leads to depression, lack of joy. I want to be like the butterfly and I hope with this blog, I can open my heart and share freely from my life.

4 responses to “Why butterflies?

  1. Theresa Dame

    I am so thankful to our Lord that you are sharing your Life… Your’s is a voice that needs to be heard… You touch so many with your words and writings…
    I am Blessed to call you My Sister!
    Much Love,


  2. know that hiding well… love the butterfly image.
    I am coming into a stronger flying soaring self just now at 46, and it is beautiful.
    Best wishes to you in your journey.


  3. I have butterflies on my mind these days too. Maybe it was 2 years ago, I felt that God was showing me that I was like a butterfly! I love what you wrote – it is beautiful!!!!


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