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Someday I will paint a picture

with warm and vibrant colors.

Someday I will write beautiful words

that will dance in a person’s soul.

Someday I will write letters

to those I love and

tell them what they mean to me.

Someday I will learn how to play beautiful music

that comes from the depths of my heart.

Someday I will tell people

what God has done for me.

Someday I will teach my child

all the lessons that are in my heart.

Someday I will let my light shine

as God wants me to.


When is someday?

When will that be?

How long have I waited for that day to come?

If someday does not become today,

it will not ever come.

Today I will….

What will you do today?



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Gone – A Story of Loss, Resilience, and Hope – Part One

Jon Skaggs has given us a beautiful picture of his grief journey shown through photography, poetry and storytelling. If you have ever lost someone close to you, you will be able to relate to his grief, tears and broken heart. Please consider ordering, it will bless you.



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Hope Restored


Beautiful, clean, pure.

The joy of two

Joined as one.

Joy fulfilled.

Ecstasy from Heaven.

A man and a woman

Together, complete.


Ugly, dirty, polluted.

The lust of many

Seeking for self.

Despair, complete.

Bondage from hell.

Men, women, many

Confused to death.


Joy, forgiveness, cleansing.

The purity of One

Dying for all.

Hope restored.

Freedom through Christ.

Anyone who believes,

     Alive forever!

S. Aken

“Consequently, just as the result of one trespass (Adam’s sin) was condemnation for all men, so also the result of one act of righteousness (Jesus’ death) was justification that brings life for all men.” Romans 5:18 (parentheses mine

Excerpt from”Butterflies, Biscuits and Rain” Available in e-book form. Click on the link in the bar -Books by Susan Aken.

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Why Celebrate Easter?

The resurrection.

Rising from the dead.

 New life.

 Death conquered.

Grace revealed.

Satan defeated.

Eternity secured.

Faith validated.

Hope confirmed.

Jesus lives.

Easter celebrates.

All invited.

Accept life.

Susan Aken

 Easter 2008

Have a blessed Easter!

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One Step Closer To Jesus

Father, I pray for all those close to me.    Those in our family.    Our friends.    All You have brought into my life and across my path.    Please bring each one, one step closer to Jesus.    We are all in different places on our journey down here.    Some are caught up in doubt that You even exist.    Bring them one more step towards faith.    Some have believed the lie that all roads lead to heaven.    Bring them one more step towards the truth.    Some believe You are real but You couldn’t possibly love them or forgive their sins.   Bring them one step closer to Your love.    Others have trusted in You and know they will live with You in heaven but they take your grace for granted and You are not a part of their daily lives.    Please bring them one step closer to following You.    Some believe You and follow You but they are confused and hurting because of trials in their lives.    Take their hands and lead them closer to Your heart.     There are those who love and follow You as close as they know how.    Take them even closer LORD.    Help them to know You better each day.    Please, Father, bring each one of us one step closer to Jesus today.    Wherever we are in our walk, may we be closer to You today then we were yesterday.


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Christmas in Heaven

In thinking about my father-in-law’s death right before Christmas, I wrote this:  (I am sure there are many who are facing Christmas without a loved one)

CHRISTMAS IN HEAVEN For many of us, there are loved oneswho will be spending their first Christmas in heaven this year.Christmas in heaven.Can you imagine?Not just celebrating the babe in the manger,but falling at the feet of the King of Kings.Not just viewing dozens of Crèchesmade of every conceivable materialbut being in the presence of the Holy One,Immanuel,Jesus Christ Lord of Lords,The Great I AM!What a glorious celebration!Our little “celebrations” are barelyeven shadows of the eternal celebration in heaven.To think that our loved onesare experiencing the full meaning of Christmasfor the first time.God with us!They are now in His presence for all of eternity.The full joy of Christmaswith none of the negative effects caused by sin.Pure joy unmarred by selfishness, worry, stress,materialism or worldly distractions.Can’t you see them worshipping before the throne?Filled with the joy of heaven.Free from the sorrows of earth.Living the meaning of Christmas.We love you.Keep celebrating and one day we will worship there together, forever.Susan Aken    Christmas 2007   

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Why butterfly wings?

peacock_butterfly.jpgI have other blogs where I post writings, poems concerning my faith, prayers, thoughts. But this is the first one I’ve attempted that is just about sharing my life. Something I wrote a long time ago explains why I chose the heading I did.


A butterfly is free

giving to all who see.

A turtle hides in its shell

never letting anyone know him well.

I would rather be like the butterfly,

giving, sharing beauty, free.

Not like the turtle,

afraid, hiding, a prisoner.

Of course,

the butterfly used to be

a caterpillar trapped in a cocoon.

This gives hope for change!


I have always struggled with my tendency to “hide” from people – my thoughts, my words, my eyes, and who I am inside. But isolation always leads to depression, lack of joy. I want to be like the butterfly and I hope with this blog, I can open my heart and share freely from my life.  

To check out my most recent book go to:

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