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Escape Into a Great Story!


Robin Lee Hatcher is one of my favorite authors and I highly recommend, “You’ll Think of Me”, her newest release.

Brooklyn is a young woman who has experienced abuse, rejection, abandonment and heartache in her life. Her biggest blessing is her 10-year-old daughter whom she has raised alone and with little income. Her faith has been her biggest support and has carried her through. Then she receives news that Chad, the father of her daughter Alycia, has died and left her his childhood home. Will a move from Reno to Idaho be the change she needs? Chad’s childhood friend, Derek, has counted on buying much of the land Chad’s family home resides on and now he discovers that dream might be dead. He has always resented Brooklyn without really knowing her.

Brooklyn has learned to put up walls for self-protection and she doesn’t trust easily. She has never felt accepted. Her dad who has always rejected her still lives in the Idaho town she ran away from. Can she face him again? Will Brooklyn and Derek be able to trust each other? And what about the special request Chad made to Derek before he died?

I enjoyed every minute of reading “You’ll Think of Me” by Robin Lee Hatcher. I had trouble putting it down and read it in three days. Robin Lee Hatcher writes with emotion, heart and faith. This story is a romance but the emotional impact of the story is much more than that. She writes about faith in a way that is real and not contrived or unrealistic. She writes in a way that shows how a person can lean on God as they go through the trials of life.

Robin Lee Hatcher always does a great job of creating characters the reader cares about. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a romance that includes faith. She also addresses the feelings and issues of women abandoned and rejected by their father, single women raising a child alone, and touches on living with an abusive husband. I loved the ending, which included some drama and suspense. I always look forward to Robin’s novels and she never lets me down! Robin Lee Hatcher is a gifted and insightful author. Her stories flow so well, I stop reading only when duty calls! (By the way, my husband agrees with my review.)

I received a book for review but felt no obligation to give a positive review.

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Fantastic Book for Young Women (and the rest of us too)


I loved this book! (I bought it for my Kindle) I could not put it down.

Even though it was written for teen girls and young women while I am 62 years old!

Jessica Fralin is a gifted author and communicator. Her message here is timely and vital for young women in particular but all women would benefit from her messages. Women need this message of where to look for validation and truth. Social media has changed our world and it’s not going anywhere.

We need to be faced with the truth of how it can be used for harm and how to avoid that.

Jessica not only points out the pitfalls and dangers of social media but how to keep it in its proper place and even use it in a positive way. She weaves the truth of the Bible throughout without being too “preachy” and always in a real way. She has also given many extra facts that make the book interesting and discussion questions that make it easy to read and discuss the book with young women who are in your life.

Jessica gets real with many of our motivations for what we post on social media and causes us to look deeper at what we are really looking for. She points to the truth and the only place where we can find the acceptance and love we are looking for and that is from God. I think this book is a must read for teen girls, young women and their parents. The best would be to read and discuss it together.

Jessica helped me to look at my own behaviors with social media and I have some things I plan to work on. It is amazing that a young woman would have such wisdom but that comes from the time she has spent in God’s Word. I wish I could buy this book for every young woman I know.

It is timely, practical, inspirational, encouraging, well written (written on a level to speak to young people) and filled with truth.

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Loved This Book! Great Historical Fiction


I just finished Daughter of the Regiment by Stephanie Grace Whitson. I loved this book! I’m a fan of historical fiction and this is a good one.

The story takes place in Missouri at the beginning of the Civil War. Maggie Malone is an Irish immigrant who lives in Missouri with her brothers who like her are supporters of the Union. They have neighbors who have a plantation and are slave owners. There’s a wonderful contrast in the book between Maggie who’s tough, unfeminine, great at shooting and working on the farm and Libbie who lives on the plantation and is a picture of the feminine Southern Belle (although things are not always as they seem).

The book offers a fascinating look at the horror of being neighbors one week and facing each other in battle the next. It caused me to wonder what I’d do if my neighbor suddenly became my enemy. Throughout the book the author, Stephanie Grace Whitson, shows a masterful contrast between the two women and their situations. Maggie has followed her brothers into battle where she meets the fascinating Sergeant Coulter while Libbie stays on the plantation under the domination of her older brother who’s a slave-owner and decides to turn his property into a Rebel camp. The author paints a picture of each character that helped me understand even those who are minor characters. Between the house slaves who work for Libbie, Maggie’s brothers and other soldiers in the Union army all the characters seem like real people and I found myself caring about what happened to them.

I’d never heard of the Daughters of the Regiment before (women who sometimes traveled with Union soldiers) and it amazes me to think of their bravery.  This is truly historical “fiction” as the characters and battles are fictional but it is historically accurate and gives us a picture of how the Civil War impacted the lives of everyday people. I didn’t want the story to end and appreciate so much the afterward provided by the author which gives a look into what happens to each character (loved this).

If you enjoy historical fiction, I know you will enjoy this book. If you don’t usually read historical fiction, you don’t know what you are missing! It has romance, adventure, history, drama (including a look at an abusive relationship), faith and humor. Plus there’s a dog! What more could a reader want?

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Escape With a Good Book

Whenever You Come Around (Kings Meadow Romance, #3)Whenever You Come Around by Robin Lee Hatcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so captured by Robin Lee Hatcher’s newest novel, Whenever you Come Around, that I read it in two days. Another beautifully written story set in Kings Meadow, a fictitious place near Boise, Idaho. Charity Anderson returns to Kings Meadow after a long absence. She’s now a successful author but is paralyzed in her personal life because of a long-held secret. She returns to stay in her parent’s home while they are in Europe. Why does being in Kings Meadow bring back painful memories? Will she be forced to deal with her secret? And what about Buck Malone, the handsome bachelor and wilderness guide who lives next door? Charity used to have a crush on him when they were in high school but he is a confirmed bachelor. What happens when an accident forces them together? Will Buck rethink his decision not to consider marriage? Robin grabbed my attention right away as I wondered what painful memory Charity was trying to block from her mind. I also fell in love with her little dog Cocoa from the beginning. Cocoa plays a big part in the story. I enjoyed reading Robin’s beautiful descriptions of Idaho and found myself wanting to plan a trip there. Robin writes so seamlessly that the story flows and carried me along. I enjoyed the book and highly recommend it especially to anyone who enjoys contemporary Christian fiction. If you’re like me, you’ll love Kings Meadow, the characters and sweet, little Cocoa.

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Need a Great Book to Cozy Up To This Winter?


When Dawn Breaks by Jennifer Slattery

    Jennifer Slattery’s second novel is a moving, powerful story. We meet 51-year-old Jacqueline Dunn when her flight to escape a hurricane takes her directly into the path of 3 needy children who eventually change her life. She also encounters a lonely railroader who is facing a crisis in his new job. Jennifer weaves these stories together seamlessly. I found myself laughing out loud one minute and one chapter later feeling heartbreak. I was drawn into the lives of these characters and found myself caring about each one. Seeing life through the eyes of 14-year-old Gavin broke my heart and made me wonder how many children face the same things in real life.  This book is very well-written. It includes a romance but the greater love story in the book  might surprise you. Jennifer writes about faith in such a real way showing how her characters struggle with past sins and face challenges to their faith yet find strength in prayer and scripture. There are no super Christians but real people with real faith. If you want to be drawn into a moving story, find yourself rooting for characters you feel you know, enjoy a romance, and possibly be inspired to take action, then you need to read this book. The book is written with humor, realism and from a place of true emotion. There are storylines that include finding romance after fifty, the foster care system, abandoned children, disaster relief, unethical work practices, broken relationship between parent and child, and being willing to step out of one’s comfort zone in order to serve God. Will Jacqueline’s daughter ever trust her again? Will Gavin and his sisters ever have a real home? Will Jonathan lose his job? Will he love again? I highly recommend this novel.

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Christian Fiction Reviews

If you enjoy Christian fiction and would like to link to a site that reviews Christian fiction, check this one out. You will learn about lots of great books and read reviews by various contributors.


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Need a Good Novel to Read?

Once again Robin Lee Hatcher does not disappoint with her newest novel, Love Without End. Love Without End is a follow-up to A Promise Kept (a novel based on Robin’s own story). In A Promise Kept, we meet Chet Leonard who first suffered heartache when his son died in a car wreck and then again when his wife abandoned him and his other two sons. A Promise Kept ends with Chet still hoping to reconcile with his wife and there seems to be some hope at that time but when we meet Chet again in Love Without End, we learn that his wife has totally rejected her family and left them behind. Chet has gone on to do the best he can to deal with the heartbreak. Chet owns a horse ranch in Kings Meadow, Idaho that has been in the family for generations. One day, recently widowed, Kimberly Welch, and her daughter Tara come into his life when he agrees to help them with their horse. This is a story of two people who have had their heart-broken in different ways but as a result both are afraid to love again. This is also the story of a mother and a daughter who are struggling to find common ground. And with Robin being a master at historical fiction, she once again weaves historical and modern fiction together as she tells the back-story of Chet’s beloved Nana Anna who has come to stay with them just as the Welch’s arrive. I can’t leave out one of the main characters in the book, Shiloh’s Star (a magnificent thoroughbred horse). Besides being a beautiful love story, this is also a horse story. This book has great characterization, several good stories intertwined as one, a beautiful setting in Kings Meadow and the horses. What secret did Kimberly discover that broke her heart? Will Chet and Kimberly be able to love and trust again? What heartbreak did Nana Anna face in her younger years and why did she leave her home in King’s Meadow when she was in her fifties? Why is she returning after thirty years of absence? Will Kimberly and Tara mend their relationship? How will Chet save the ranch after an unexpected catastrophe? These are all questions you will want the answer to so I know you will want to read Robin’s newest book.

I received a copy of Love Without End to review but I was under no obligation to give a positive review. I loved it!

Here is a link to buy Robin’s book on Amazon:

Also, find out more here:

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