Don’t Slander the Messenger

Read Philippians 1:12-18

Stunned, I read a blog post listing many well-known female Bible teachers labeled as false prophets or unacceptable. Seemingly, the blog’s author was the only one to be trusted.

I’ve read terrible accusations about popular ministers, many of whom I admire and enjoy listening to. Too often Christians are quick to judge and label each other. We easily nit-pick about who should be respected and work to make sure everyone knows who to avoid.

Paul, a first-century Christ follower who wrote much of the New Testament, was perhaps the best-known and loved spiritual leader of his time. Pride and self-seeking probably tempted him. Yet, the news of those preaching Christ out of selfish ambition and to cause him trouble didn’t lead him to stop them. His one desire was that Christ be exalted.

He rejoiced when the truth was spoken no matter the situation. Of course, we are to be on guard against anyone who preaches a different gospel than salvation through Jesus Christ alone. We must stand firm on that. But when Scripture is taught, we’re to praise God no matter our opinion of the messenger.

For Christians to intentionally slander or malign others’ teaching about Jesus does not honor God or fulfill the great commission Christ gave when He told us to make disciples. (Matthew 28:18-20).

As believers, we should focus on promoting the message of salvation through Jesus in any way possible and cheering on all others who do the same. Like Paul, may we say when the truth is told, “I rejoice and will continue to rejoice” even when the one sharing is not our favorite or we don’t agree with some of their methods.

May our focus always be on taking the good news to the world.

Excerpt from the Wholly Loved Bible reading plan: Philippians: 14 Days of Hope and Encouragement found on YouVersion


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