Death By Tupperware? Do not fear.

Eyes widening, I read the warning: Your vintage Tupperware is releasing harmful chemicals into your food! I’ve owned many of these colorful kitchen helpers for decades. Have I harmed my family? Will Tupperware kill me?

This alarming news was one more in a long list of threats: 

My cell phone might give me a brain tumor. I could shorten my life because of chemicals, pesticides, and sugar in my food and drink. The beauty products I use might give me cancer. Air-freshener is ruining my lungs. Will I be the victim of a shooting or die from COVID? The last straw: my wedding gifts from years ago are poisoning me. 

It’s easy to become obsessed with how to stay alive as long as possible. We can allow fear to take over as we struggle to control all the threats and guarantee some kind of long life. 

How do we respond to these daily messages of doom?

Accepting these five truths helps me find peace in troubling times:

Continue reading at 5 Truths To Help Us Live in Peace and Not Fear


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4 responses to “Death By Tupperware? Do not fear.

  1. Leslie

    I read your article today in iBelieve and wanted to let you know how much you blessed me…you truly are a gifted writer and don’t ever let the enemy tell you otherwise! You were able to succinctly outline the armour of God in a way I have yet to fully understand…until today…God bless you!

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    • Thank you Leslie! You’ve blessed me so much with your words of encouragement. Thank you for your kind words. I praise God for using my offering to help you. Thank You Jesus!


  2. Blogging Through Life

    I second Leslie’s comment above! I was looking on here for your article on iBelieve entitled “Ten Strategies to Prevent Satan from Stealing Your Calling.” Wow! That really impacted me. For too long, the enemy has been discouraging me. What you wrote, coupled with a friend’s “raw” push, I am going to forge ahead. God will do with my writing, what He so desires. Thank you for your impactful words.

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    • Thank you! I thank God for using this to help you. Persevere and keep writing. He has asked me before, “would you write if it’s just for Me?” Yes Lord! We give Him what we have and He uses it as He wills.


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