You Can Make a Difference!

Have you wondered how you can make a difference in the world?

How could you help someone actually move forward? How about being able to loan a woman in Columbia $25 towards building a bigger pigsty so she can but more pigs?


I loaned money to Yeselys from another repaid loan with Kiva. I’ve now had 7 loans repaid out of 9 and the other two are over half way there. As loans are repaid, I just loan again to help another person overcome poverty and hard times.

There are thousands of loans around the world to choose from. This helps small business owners and people in poverty to be able to function and live. Please click on this link and consider Kiva. It is so thrilling when I see another load paid off and am able to re loan that money to another person in need.

Help someone help themselves!

Try Kiva!


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