Please Look At Me


“Please mom, put your phone down and look at me.” The young girl’s voice was full of emotion as she answered the question about what her mom enjoys the most. Her heart full she continued to share how deeply she longs for her mom to put her phone down and listen to her. She wants her mom to see her, to hear her. When I asked her if her mom listens to her plea she said bitterly, “Yeah, about 2% of the time.” Her fantasy was to find a way to disable the Wi-Fi. It broke my heart to think of how soon this young girl will grow up and those moments will be gone. Will the hours spent on social media be worth what was lost? Those days with our children can never be recovered.

I’m not sharing this to condemn anyone but to ask us all to wake up and make sure we’re not missing what’s priceless for a few bites of cotton candy.

This little girl’s cry rings in my ears. “Please, just look at me.”



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2 responses to “Please Look At Me

  1. I love this post. So sweet, yet sad. So true!!!


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