Calm and Quiet


I get agitated when life isn’t going like I think it should.

How can I fix this?

What can I do?

I feel this urgency that God has to answer my prayers the way I want. Anxiety starts to drive out peace.

God recently spoke to me through David’s wisdom in Psalm 131:

“My heart is not proud, LORD, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content…put your hope in the LORD now and forevermore.” Psalm 131

Pride goes before a fall by deceiving us and making us think we can do life on our own but we can’t. We decide we know what the answer is and head out in a rush of pride and fall flat on our faces. A haughty person is filled with self and blinded by pride. I don’t have all the answers. There are mysteries in life and creation I don’t understand and I need to leave them in God’s hands. I trust all the unanswered questions to a loving and holy Father who knows everything. I leave to Him the mysteries of doctrine I don’t understand. I trust Him with the “Why’s?” that come up in life. It takes humility to admit we just don’t know the answers. We can do nothing apart from Jesus.

“I have calmed and quieted myself.” I love this statement. Calmed (composed, leveled out, made smooth). Striving, grasping and fretting are the opposite of being calmed. I can compose myself and accept whatever God allows. (I am speaking of things we have no control over. There are times to take action for example to obey God in a situation or to remove ourselves from an abusive relationship.) I can become like still waters. I am quiet, not questioning, not demanding but resting in peaceful silence. Calm and quiet.

I recently found myself striving and grasping. Asking God:

“Why did it happen that way with my loved one?”

“Why aren’t my efforts producing more fruit?”

“Why can’t I fix this?”

Fretting, thrashing, throwing fits, grumbling, demanding, then He taught me this truth: Calm and quiet your self. Accept, be quiet, trust…be like a weaned child…

Like a weaned child rests against his mother.” – (NASB) I picture a young child who is in mother’s arms. The child knows milk is there. This has been the loved source of nourishment but since being weaned the babe no longer frets when the breast is near. There’s no more demanding. The child trusts her to provide what’s needed and is peaceful. A weaning child frets and searches and doesn’t want to let go of the breast.

“The weaned babe has given up what it loved. By nature, we hang on the breasts of this world, and only sovereign grace can wean us from it.” Charles H. Spurgeon

The weaned child sits calm and peaceful in mother’s arms no longer fretting and anxious. Though still dependent on mom for nourishment the child trusts her to provide and is content with what is given. Spurgeon goes on to say, “When we give up self- righteousness, self-confidence, the love of the world, the desire of self-aggrandizement, when we give up … trusting in anything but God, then has our soul become like a weaned child.”

How do we do this?

“Put your hope in the LORD now and forevermore.”

Only as we look to the LORD God for all our needs and trust Him with whatever He gives can we find that contentment. Our hope is in Him not in all the earthly things we strive for. The deepest longings of our heart will never be fulfilled anywhere but in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Knowing David found this place of resting in God encourages me. It’s possible to let go of striving, fretting and demanding and be calm and quiet in our Father’s arms. Trusting Him to give us what we need. Trusting Him even when we have to let go of something we love. His eternal purposes for us are always best. When my loved one comes to mind and I’m tempted to fret or demand, I’ll remember God has him in His hands and I’ll calm and quiet myself before God.

We can let go of striving and calm and quiet ourselves before our Father who loves us and will take care of us.


“When … you are weaned from all fretting, worrying, and self-seeking, then you are free to undertake the Lord’s business.” Spurgeon


Published on Internet Cafe Devotions on 1-12-16



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