I love you Jesus!

You are everything to me.

You are my breath, my life and my hope.

Everything I have is a gift from you.

Everything I am is because of your grace.

You chose me before the foundation of the world and you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

You go before and behind me.

Your hand is always on me.

In every high or low of my life you have been there and will be there holding me.

You created me.

You saved me from sin.

You empower me.

Your grace covers my life.

Nothing can take me away from you.

No one can separate me from your love.

I am yours for eternity.

I will offer to you eternal praise.

Knowing you fills my heart with joy.

Every joy, every heartache, every victory, every defeat,

Everything good or bad in my life you connect to use for my good and your glory.

Nothing is wasted.

You are Almighty God and

Wonderful Savior!

You are my friend and my Lord.

You are my life and my hope.

Please glorify your name in my life.



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