Temper Fits


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“Grrr…why won’t this stupid computer work?”

“I hate this phone!”

“Can’t you see the light changed? Keep going! Idiot!”

“D___ !” “I hate______!”

Fools vent their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back.” Proverbs 29:11 (NLT)

A fool always loses his temper, But a wise man holds it back.” Proverbs 29:11 (NASB)

The fool gives full vent to their anger not holding anything back. The wise quietly restrain themselves. They don’t express every angry thought. This not only applies to the person who’s always losing their temper at others but also someone like me who’s often spewing out dislike and discontentment under their breath or when alone quite openly. I need to remember that I’m never alone. God always hears. His Spirit lives in me.

Does my Father want me to vent every angry or impatient thought and feeling?

Does He want me to throw a fit when the phone provider won’t answer?

When the computer doesn’t work?

When I can’t find something? On and on.

There are many moments when I express negative thoughts. I give full vent to my anger. Even if God’s the only one who hears, I’m foolish if I think it doesn’t have a negative impact on others and myself. I pull myself down with these fits. I rob myself of peace and joy and leave myself with nothing to give. And it grieves His Spirit in me. This isn’t how my Father wants me to live and experience life. He wants me to show the fruit of His Spirit living in me, which includes joy, peace, patience, and self-control. He wants me to walk in the strength of His Spirit.

Acting like a 2-year-old and indulging in temper fits hinders my fellowship with God and robs me of peace and joy.

God is pleased when I express thanksgiving and praise to Him. He wants me to encounter inconveniences and problems with patience and trust not with indulgent growls and frowns. My words become a curse not a blessing. It may please the flesh but it doesn’t please God.

We all express anger in words at times. But to intentionally indulge the flesh is not helpful to our souls. We each know our own hearts and know when something has become a stumbling block for us. This is a stumbling block for me. And the fact that I mainly do this when I’m alone makes me feel a hypocrite. It gives others the impression I’d never do this. If I have the self-control not to vent around others, I also have the self-control when I’m alone. I want my heart to be filled with praise and joy not negative grumbling and complaining.

Father, I don’t want to keep on like this. I want to change. Please help me Jesus. Help me walk in thankfulness and praise. Help me restrain myself and control my anger. Help me to quietly hold these thoughts back and take time to thank you and praise you for the countless good things you give me every day. Thank you that you love me even when I’m throwing a temper tantrum. Thank you that you love me even when I take your blessings for granted. Help me to do my part, Lord. Help me today to restrain my anger. Help me to be thankful in all things and to continually praise your name.

When I’m tempted to vent my anger, I’ll:

  1. Stop, take a deep breath and pray.
  1. Express thanks to God for His gifts and praise Him for who He is.
  1. Give the situation to Him and ask for wisdom as to what I should do.
  1. Speak life. I’ll speak blessing not cursing.

We’re all human and we all have times when we lose control and say negative things. No one is perfect and no one can perfectly control ones tongue or temper. But we can choose not to intentionally indulge our temper. We can choose to exercise self-control. We can do better today than yesterday or last year. We can strive to make wise choices and not be like the fool who gives full vent to their temper. We can choose to speak thanks and praise instead of negativity.

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