Change a Life for Free!


Join me on Kiva!

“Every day, Kiva connects thousands of people to borrowers and partner institutions around the world, working together to create opportunity and alleviate poverty. It only takes $25 to get started and you can make a $25 loan today for free!” This is made possible by a donor who wants others to have this wonderful privilege.

Since I joined I’ve helped:

Rosa in Bolivia buy a cow and she repaid me.

Maria in El Salvador buy materials to fix her roof and she repaid me.

Used the same money to help  Valerie in Togo buy pagnes for her business and she repaid me.

I used the same money to help 2 new borrowers who are in the processing of repaying the loans.

Try today for free! Pick a borrower from around the world and invest $25. Then reinvest or if you used your own money, you can get it back. (If you take the opportunity to use the free money of course that will not come back to you)

But once you experience helping someone – you will want to do it again!

Please go to my page and take advantage of this opportunity to help someone with no cost to you:


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