Then Came Sunday



(Thoughts of Mary of Bethany)

I couldn’t believe He was gone.

It was like the sun had stopped shining.

To look into His eyes was to see love.

He could look right into my soul and see my heart.

He saw the real me, the one no one else can see.

He saw every sin in my heart yet He loved me.

He spoke words of wisdom like I never heard before.

Words that burned in my heart.

Seeing His face was like looking into the face of God.

Just to hear His name, Jesus,

gave me the feeling of complete security.

Jesus could do anything.

Then to see Him on that cross,

covered with His own blood,

suffering such agony.

I’ve never known such sorrow.

I thought my heart would break open.

Yet, even there, His thoughts were only of others,

 the thief at His side, His mother, and even His enemies.

To not sense His presence anywhere, seemed like living in hell.

 Then came Sunday!

Some women went to His tomb.

They reported He was not there!

When I heard the news, my heart leapt inside of me.

I remembered He said He would rise again in three days.

Could it be true?

I knew it could!

I saw with my own eyes

when my brother Lazarus came out of his tomb.

I knew Jesus was alive!

But I wanted to see Him for myself.

I wanted to hear His voice, to touch His hand.

The first time I saw Him, I knew I could never truly

know disappointment again.

Jesus is alive!

He will never die again.

He has made everything right.

Now I understand. He died for me,

for my pain, my sorrow, my sin.

I thought I loved Him before,

but now I feel I will burst with joy and love.

 When He left to return to heaven,

 I thought I would have sorrow again.

Instead, He sent the gift of the Holy Spirit.

His Spirit lives in me!

Now, He will never leave me again.

He is with me forever.

I never imagined anything so wonderful could happen!

My Lord Jesus living in me.


Susan Aken



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5 responses to “Then Came Sunday

  1. So beautiful, Susan! Thank you for sharing!


  2. The Drama Games

    Hey! Very inspirational post! Here’s mine where I am analyzing a ritual theatre games workshop influenced by the Holy Days of Easter!

    What is actually PASSION? What is it for you?


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