Need a Good Novel to Read?

Once again Robin Lee Hatcher does not disappoint with her newest novel, Love Without End. Love Without End is a follow-up to A Promise Kept (a novel based on Robin’s own story). In A Promise Kept, we meet Chet Leonard who first suffered heartache when his son died in a car wreck and then again when his wife abandoned him and his other two sons. A Promise Kept ends with Chet still hoping to reconcile with his wife and there seems to be some hope at that time but when we meet Chet again in Love Without End, we learn that his wife has totally rejected her family and left them behind. Chet has gone on to do the best he can to deal with the heartbreak. Chet owns a horse ranch in Kings Meadow, Idaho that has been in the family for generations. One day, recently widowed, Kimberly Welch, and her daughter Tara come into his life when he agrees to help them with their horse. This is a story of two people who have had their heart-broken in different ways but as a result both are afraid to love again. This is also the story of a mother and a daughter who are struggling to find common ground. And with Robin being a master at historical fiction, she once again weaves historical and modern fiction together as she tells the back-story of Chet’s beloved Nana Anna who has come to stay with them just as the Welch’s arrive. I can’t leave out one of the main characters in the book, Shiloh’s Star (a magnificent thoroughbred horse). Besides being a beautiful love story, this is also a horse story. This book has great characterization, several good stories intertwined as one, a beautiful setting in Kings Meadow and the horses. What secret did Kimberly discover that broke her heart? Will Chet and Kimberly be able to love and trust again? What heartbreak did Nana Anna face in her younger years and why did she leave her home in King’s Meadow when she was in her fifties? Why is she returning after thirty years of absence? Will Kimberly and Tara mend their relationship? How will Chet save the ranch after an unexpected catastrophe? These are all questions you will want the answer to so I know you will want to read Robin’s newest book.

I received a copy of Love Without End to review but I was under no obligation to give a positive review. I loved it!

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