What About “Beyond I Do”?

I want to recommend a great read by Jennifer Slattery. This is her debut novel.

     Beyond I Do is an engaging story that kept me turning the pages until the end. There are several story lines that are interesting and the author did a great job of weaving them together and resolving each one. It is easy to relate to the characters and their struggles from the desire to make the right decision about marriage to struggling with a parent who is ill to dealing with parents who still wound your heart. Ainsley is a Christian who is growing in her desire to serve God and learning about making the wise choice. She is feeling drawn to ministry to the homeless but feels trapped in her current life. It speaks to the idea of being more concerned about a wedding than a marriage and asks the question of what happens “beyond I do”? As a Christian, I enjoyed reading about someone who talks to God and reads the Bible as I do yet is also shown to be a real person who struggles like we all do with anger, unforgiveness and doubt. If you are engaged but having doubts about marriage, if you are planning a wedding, if you have a parent who has Alzheimer’s, if you are struggling with a parent who has let you down or who tries to control you, I think you would relate to this story but since we all face moments of indecision, pain, unforgiveness and being let down it is a great story for all. And it has romance!




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