A Story of Parenting a Drug-Addicted Child

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March 5 Deuteronomy 1, 2; Mark 12.

I’m Done Lapping the Mountain!! | Joni Tyner

S~ “Ye have compassed this mountain long enough;  turn you Northward.” Deuteronomy 2:3 (KJV)

“You’ve stayed here long enough. Turn Northward.” Deuteronomy 2:3 (The Living Bible)

O~ The Israelites have been in the desert for 40 years. God is telling them they have done that “long enough”. They are to change direction and go North.  Today I used two different versions. King James, (old school) says, “Ye have compassed the mountain long enough.”  I like the reference to going in circles, ( NOWHERE!!) and that they were not going to get over the mountain. They needed to turn and go a new direction.  The Living Bible is similar. “You’ve stayed here long enough.”  They hadn’t made progress, nothing was changing, they were in the same place for many, many years.  Again, God tells them to change their direction.

**As an side comment to these scriptures,  I wanted to mention  http://www.biblegateway.com  ,  These is a great website to type in a scripture and then you instantly get all of the different Bible versions. There are lots!! I’ve found this helpful numerous times when I’m trying to understand a scripture.

A~ I  actually found this verse a couple of years ago when I was reading Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. She  wrote about how we tend to “circle the mountain” with behavior that is getting us nowhere.  She KNEW she was in a cycle of dieting and gaining and was tired of it. She wanted to break the cycle and have a lasting victory.  She needed to change direction. (she did.)

My application to this verse that day was really life changing.  As I shared in a few earlier posts, our only son has struggled with substance abuse and the consequences that go along with this.  I lived and breathed his problems.  Not a typo,– I lived and breathed his problems.  It was the first thing that popped into my brain before I climbed out of bed in the morning and the last thing I thought about as I drifted to sleep. I spent every available moment searching on the internet for help, insight, prayer, ANYTHING to help him.  I would call my husband at work with a “new idea” of how we could turn things around for him.  Nothing worked and he continued to plummet into even worse circumstances.  I memorized Bible verses about love and forgiveness and persevering and was convinced we were suppose to fight for our son, I believed, (and still do) that Satan used our son’s addiction to try to derail our family’s faith and cause us to be ineffective for the Kingdom.

So,…the day I found this verse, God, very clearly, told me that we had done what we were called to do. It wasn’t our battle anymore. We were to CHANGE DIRECTION and head North.  God gave me peace through that verse. I still had occasional tears, but I just didn’t feel the weight of “saving” our son anymore. He is God’s child and I am only his mother. God loves him more than I do and He is certainly smarter than me.  I just need to love my son for who he is, now, today and let God grow him into the man he is becoming.  It was so freeing!! I began to be happy again, I wasn’t so angry with my son, my husband and I started doing couple things again, (previously, all our time was spent on ‘saving the prodigal strategies’).  Finally,  I began to enjoy my other 2 children.   We stopped the cycle of enabling our son and we headed North.

P~ Jesus,  I’m in awe how you give us what we need at just the right time. You have perfect timing. I know there was a time we were called to fight for our son, now we need to cheer him on as he does the work. We just need to love him, he needs You to be his everything.  Thank you for bringing me out of the desert and into the edge of the Promiseland.  Nothing in Your plan is ever wasted.  Thank you for your Word and how it is transforming my life.  I love You.


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