I Give My Life to You!

S~ “O LORD, I give my life to you….I put my hope in you.” Psalm 25:1,21 (NKJV)

O~ What a beautiful Psalm! David begins with “I give my life to you.” And what are the benefits?

• I will not be put to shame. V.3
• Direction v.4, 12
• Salvation v. 5
• Compassion and unfailing love (from God) v. 6
• Instruction in doing right v. 8-9
• Forgiveness v. 11,18
• Blessings on current and future generations v. 13
• Friendship of the LORD! V. 14
• Rescued from the tricks of the enemy v. 15
• Mercy v. 16
• Protection v. 20


A~ How could anyone who understands the wonderful blessings of God not give their life to Him? To never be alone, to always have help in trouble; to be forgiven…His blessings go on and on. He has always been there for me. He has
forgiven me of all my sins (past, present and future). At the age of sixty, He has never failed me or forsaken me. He is my strength and shield. He is my friend.

P~ I love you LORD! You are my light and my salvation. You are always there when I need you. Thank you that you never leave me. I give my life to you anew. I want you to have all of me.

Click on this link to read more SOAP notes on these passages:

February 15 Leviticus 25; Psalm 25-26; Acts 22.


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