Unshakeable Peace

Under my tree

in my own little bit of paradise.

My refuge.

There is a refreshing breeze.

A perfect moment.

Sun coming up.

Clouds moving.

Squirrel scolding.

Tree canopy.

Sitting on my deck.

Comfort and peace.

Cup of tea.

Peace in God.

Yet – does the peace come from surroundings?

All of which can be lost,

blown away,

burned up.


Then do I lose peace?

Could I have peace in the midst of rubble?

Sifting through ashes?

All of these outward things are

pleasant, comfortable, enjoyable.

I appreciate them.

But the peace

comes from inside.

It comes from knowing God.

Knowing He loves me.

He holds me secure.

Knowing no one or nothing

can take that away.

It can’t be stolen,

burned up,

blown away

or lost.

He is my eternal peace,

my everlasting Savior.

Praise His holy name!


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