Trusting the Potter

Therefore, God has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and he hardens whom he wants to harden.” Romans 9:18

     Paul is emphasizing the sovereignty of God in all things. He gives mercy and sometimes He hardens and He in His sovereign wisdom has a purpose in all things that will display His power and proclaim His name. He is God. He created all things. He chose to show mercy and grace when He sent Jesus. Doesn’t He have the right to do what He wants? (v. 21) My part is to trust His goodness and mercy. He is God. Who am I to question Him? (v. 20-21) He has the right and the power to do whatever He wants. Any grace or mercy He has shown me (and it is much) is totally undeserved. We are at the mercy of God. We are powerless before Him. (v. 16)

LORD God Almighty, I know you are God of all! You are sovereign. You hold everything in your hands. Every good gift is from you and comes from grace. There is nothing I have done or could do that would earn your favor. Any mercy shown to me is unearned. I am so grateful you chose to show me mercy, to love me in spite of my willful sin. I want to submit to your sovereignty. Please help me LORD God, help me trust our son to your hands.  You thought of him, you created him, you knit him together in his mother’s womb, you placed him in our arms – a total gift of grace. You allowed him to be taught the truth from the time he was a baby. I ask for your mercy LORD God. I ask that you in your mercy you would draw him to truth but I trust in your sovereign plan and ask that your purpose be fulfilled in me, in him, in our family, and in this world. Thank you Father. I am so grateful to know your love.

Romans 9:14-24


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