Jesus Did It!

Numbers chapter 5 is an example of the harshness of the law. Keep the law or die! But who could ever keep the entire law? Psalm 22 gives hope as David prophesies.

“…They have pierced my hands and feet.” Psalm 22:16b

“They will proclaim his righteousness to a people yet unborn-for he has done it.” Psalm 22:31

Jesus did it! Jesus kept the law. His hands and feet were pierced for our transgressions. It was foretold that his righteousness would be proclaimed to a people yet unborn. To us! Because He has done it! He kept the law when we could not. It was planned long before we were ever born, long before Jesus was born, that He would be our righteousness.

Thank you Jesus! Thank you for rescuing us, saving us, redeeming us from our sin! You are our righteousness, our hope and our salvation. Praise your Holy name!


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