Trust God’s Timing

“Moses thought that his own people would realize that God was using him to rescue them but they did not.” Acts 7:25

Stephen, who is about to be stoned, gives a speech outlining the history of the Israelites. In telling about when Moses killed the Egyptian in defense of his people, we see that Moses felt the call to deliver his people when he was still in Pharoah’s palace. Yet it would be 40 years before God used him. He felt the call but his timing was different from God’s timing and he became an exile. By the time God was ready to use him, Moses had given up on the call. Moses was in his prime, in a powerful position and ready yet God waited until he was 80 years old, a nobody, an exile and living in the desert to say, “It is time”. God’s timing was different from the timing of Moses.

I have often felt I know God’s will in something yet when it didn’t happen in my time, I doubted. Moses took action in his way and his time and had to run for his life. By the time God was ready to use him, Moses no longer believed he could do it. He now saw himself as weak. The first time, he trusted in his own strength and failed. The second time he trusted completely on God’s strength and succeeded. When God calls me to do something, it is not about me. It is all about Him and trusting in His power. I had a dream for a child but it did not happen and the door seemed closed. We tried manipulating things to make it happen. The door stayed closed. Then God, in His time, gave us an unexpected miracle. In His time, in His way, a chance to adopt. We had not even thought about adopting and we were parents in less than 24 hours. I thought I should be a mom at age 30 after I married and I was 39 when I became a mom. I thought I should give birth but God had a better plan for me.

Thank you Father! Thank you for your timing! Your ways are better than my ways. Help me trust your timing and help me not to give up on what you have called me to do. It will always happen in your time. Praise your Holy name!



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