Facing My Sin

Sometimes, my eyes are opened to ugliness in my heart, to see my own sin in a way that leaves me undone. Especially when it has been there for years. As I sought to confess my sins to my Father this morning, I felt Him speak to me…

You don’t have to grovel. I want to forgive you. Come running to me with open arms. Receive my love. I have forgiven you. I want you to walk with me. You don’t have to beg. Jesus already paid for your sin. When you have wandered, when you realize how ugly your heart can be, run to me! Let me cleanse you. Depend on my strength. I have already told you, in yourself you can do nothing. You fail when you are walking in your own strength. Walk in me, live in me. I am always waiting for the yielded heart, not the perfect heart.

Only as I yield, can I fully experience His grace. Hallelujah! What a Savior!


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Filed under Faith, Grace, personal, sin

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