She Doesn’t Like You….

A whisper came to me this morning.

She doesn’t like you.

Then it starts to take root.

Maybe that is why she said this or did that.

Oh, and this other person, she doesn’t like you either.

Then panic.

What if it is true?

There I am.

On the edge ready to slip into self-pity.

Into the “Oh, poor me. They don’t like me.”

My heart begins to accept it as truth and feel the pain.

Then I remember.

What is true?

And I sing,

“I am His and He is mine. His banner over me is love.”

A song from the past about my Father’s love for me.

The LORD God Almighty loves me!

Jesus died for me!

I am His beloved.

Does it really matter if they like me?

Even if they don’t I have everything I need in Him!

And the whispers fade away.

He gives me joy.



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4 responses to “She Doesn’t Like You….

  1. Kim Chipman



  2. Amen! And according to His Word, you are chosen, dearly loved, woven together by God Himself, God’s masterpiece (Eph 2:10, NLT), and destined for God’s eternal and glorious purposes. Hugs and blessings!


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