What God is Teaching Me

What does God keep teaching me? What keeps coming to me in books,  whatever I am reading?

First, gratitude. It is everywhere I turn. Give thanks in everything. Live a life of gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal. Be thankful for all!

Also, God keeps reminding me of The Hiding Place and Corrie Ten Boom.  This is mentioned in multiple books I have read recently plus I just watched the movie again and I recently listened to the audio book. So what is God teaching me through Corrie? Watching her speak, you can see the Holy Spirit in her face. You can see the love of Christ in her expression and the twinkle in her eyes. God keeps reminding me of her example of forgiveness, of giving thanks, of loving Him. So what is He telling me?

  1. Focus my heart, soul and mind on giving thanks. Choose gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal. Continually give thanks in everything.
  2. Generosity. He keeps leading me to learn to be generous. Generous with money, goods, service and time.
  3. My search for significance will be found in service. The forgetting of myself in serving others.
  4. To humble myself. Humility also is found in service, in denying self in order to give to someone else.
  5. To stop seeking praise, recognition, affirmation for myself (and stop feeling sorry for myself if I don’t get it) and instead give to others praise, recognition and affirmation. Above all to give praise to God and to let any recognition I do get go to Him for He is the source of any and every good thing in my life. Nothing good comes apart from Him.

Thanksgiving, gratitude, generosity, service, humility

Father, I cannot do this in my strength. I pray by that by the grace and power of Your Holy Spirit, You will work these things in and through me. Thank You for blessing me in countless ways! May You receive all glory, honor and praise!


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