Treasured Memories

How did I get here?

With all this wide open time.

What happened to the days

Of chasing a toddler,

Playing games,

Holding hands,

Sitting in the rocker reading

A mountain of books,

Holding him close?

What happened to the days

Of little league games,

Catching balls,

Going to the zoo,

Watching movies,

Laughing about silly things,

Tucking him in at night,

Praying together?

What happened to the days

Of band concerts,


Seeing his face everyday,

Checking in every night,

Updates by text,

Daily hugs?

Those days are still there

Tucked into my heart,

Like treasures in a box

I can pull them out

Look at them,

Treasure them

And then tuck them away again.

He was my main job for a long time.

Now I pray for him,

I love him,

I am ready to listen when he needs it

But he doesn’t need me in the same way.

Lord, please show me who you want me to be

In this new stage of life.

Where do I put my focus?

Thank you for all the treasured memories.

Thank you for the new memories being made now

Of a young man I am so proud of.

Help me also to see the new things you want to do in my life.

 S. Aken


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