Shout For Joy!

Shouts of praise!

Worship! Adoration!

The crowd honors

a supposed earthly king.

A King who comes

in humility riding on a donkey.

Praise Him! Praise Him!

Shouts of soldiers!

Kissed! Betrayed!

The soldiers arrest

a supposed criminal.

A man who comes

willingly with grace.

Take Him! Chain Him!

Shouts of anger!

Crucify Him! Kill Him!

The Romans crucify

a supposed victim.

A Lamb who chooses

to lay down His life.

Crucified! Sacrificed!

Shouts of joy!

Hallelujah! Rejoice!

Our God raises

His exalted Son!

A Son who defeated

death and sin forever.

My Lord and my God!

Susan Aken

Excerpt from “Amazing Hope”.  Also available in e-book form. Click on the link in the bar – books by Susan Aken.


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