What Am I Filled With?

What am I filled with?

My heart is always filled with something.

I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

But He can’t fill me if I am already full.

Am I filled with pride?

There is no room for Him.

Am I filled with anger?

Then I don’t even hear His voice.

Am I filled with impatience and unforgiveness?

Then He is grieved.

Am I filled with the lust for pleasure?

Then I push Him aside.

Am I obsessed with myself?

Then I don’t see Him.

To be filled with the Holy Spirit,

I must be emptied of pride, anger,

unforgiveness, self-seeking and lust.

This means I must be willing to let go.

I can’t live without sin.

I will never be perfect.

But I can let go.

I can choose what I will seek.

I can change directions when I realize I’m headed the wrong way.

I can look to Jesus the author and finisher of my faith.

I can ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse me and be in charge.

He never forces us to be filled but He always responds to a sincere heart!

Susan Aken



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