1,000 gifts continued….

113. The peace of knowing Jesus

114. Suitcases waiting to be packed

115. Soft kitty fur

116. The sound of the garage door opening – my man is home

117. A facebook message from our world traveler

118. A healed back

119. He put the Light in me!

120. Amazing hope

121. A burst of blueberry sweetness

122. An unexpected gift of roses

123 Visiting my mom

124 Cold, iced tea

125 A good nights sleep

126 Clean, fresh sheets

127 My son’s warm embrace

128 A cool breeze after much heat

129 Successful surgeries for my mom

130 Our son’s love

131A burst of cherry sweetness

132 Family time at the movies

133 Our son organizing his “new” home

134 A crisp fall day

135 The sunlight patterns on the sidewalk

136  Rainbow colors

137 The sun shining through

138 Ann Voskamp

139The word of the living God

140 Beautiful fountains at our park

141 God loving a sinner like me

142 The sound of leaves crunching

143 The bare bones of the trees

144 So many varieties of trees

145 Bumpy trunks

146 Sitting in trees

147 Close encounters with trees

148 Orange-green trees

149Pinecones on a tree

150 Praying with a friend

151 The life-changing power of God’s word

152 Truth that sets us free

153 Enough grace for everyone!!

154 All the wonderful flavors!


156 Nutmeg

157 Aromas that lift the soul

158 Lavender

159 Vanilla

160 The smell of coffee

161 Freedom in Christ

162 Hot tea

163 Two weeks with my mom

164 Warm coat and boots on a cold day.

165 Being loved

166 Christmas!

167 Unlimited grace!

168 Forgiving friends

169 Peace from God

170 Having the chance to hear Passion 2012

171 My husband’s sweet love

172 My Mom’s new freezer that will keep her stocked

173. Our son comes home from Norway today!



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