Filling the Emptiness

I have been searching all of my life
for that relationship which would meet my deepest need,
touch my soul, know me, care about me,
fill the emptiness, and take away the loneliness.

Once I thought my parents could be all this to me,
but it seemed there was a part of me
they could never know.
And as I grew, they could not be
all I needed in my soul.

When I met the man with whom I would be one,
I was sure I had found what would fill my every desire.
But as time went by, although love was strong,
I began to see he could not be all to me.

When I first held the tiny babe
who is my son, I thought, “This is what it is all about.”
Here will be fulfillment, joy, knowing all I am.
But as he has grown, although the joy is great,
I see that in order to grow, he must move away from me.

Sometimes I have thought close friends could be
all I am searching for.
To be there for me, support me, share joys and sorrows,
bring completeness where the spaces are.
Instead, I see no one can give that much
or be that aware.

No relationship can know me completely,
enter my soul, fill all the emptiness,
and make me whole.
As I pondered this, I realized all my life
there is one who has been there
who does do all these things.
He is always there.
He knows my every thought.
He not only knows my soul but lives in me.
He makes me complete.
Only He can fill the empty places in my heart.

I think each relationship shows one small part of God.
Each gives a taste that makes me long for all He is.
Each relationship is a shadow of all I will have with Him.
He is the perfect parent who never disappoints or fails me.
He knows all I am and loves me into more.
He is the perfect husband /protector making me whole.
He brings the joy, acceptance, and completeness I am looking for.
He is there when I turn to Him for strength, ready to fill my soul.

He is there if I will just call out to Him; allow Him to show he cares.

Each relationship teaches me a little about God.
I can see the unconditional love of my parents,
the devotion of my husband,
the joy my child gives,
the acceptance from friends and
be drawn to the heart of God.
Susan Aken


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