God is not an American (personal reflection)

I believe in being patriotic.

I am proud to be who I am.

We have a great country.

I salute the flag.

I am thankful for where I was born.

But, I think we have a problem

when we project our patriotism onto God.

God is not an American.

He is not French, German or Asian.

There are no borders in Heaven.

There is no competition between East Heaven and West Heaven to see who is best.

There will be no nationalities, no division, no better or best.

All will be focused on our LORD.

We will all be one in spirit,

in truth united in Him.

For God so loved the world…

Every nation, every tribe, every country,

He shed His blood for all.

Money does not make us better.

Affluence gains no credit in Heaven.

Nationality does not bring favor.

Each individual soul will face

the Creator of all that exists.

Each one will answer for themselves.

Only those in Christ will enter into life.

Susan Aken


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