A Heart’s Cry

Lord, in this fleshly struggle help me to keep my eyes on you.

Please take all the pieces of my heart and mind,

The fragmented soul that seeks you

And keep me whole.

My heart cries out for you.

Take my weakness, my fragility, my puny understanding.

Take my fickle heart, my too easily distracted mind.

Take my determination to have my way, my self-worship,

My fears and self-seeking ways.

Jesus refine me, purge me of falseness.

How I long to walk in integrity.

To bring you glory.

Keep me from falsehood.

Protect me from lies and self-deceit.

Take the scales from my eyes so that I can see clearly

And know the truth.

Truth about myself.

Truth about others.

Truth about the world.

Truth about You!

This world is crumbling, rotting, dying –

Yet we cling to it so desperately.

Please be the salt and light through me.

The salt to help preserve.

The light to reveal truth.

God almighty thank you for your love that never fails.

Your patience towards me.

Your forgiveness.

Thank you for the blood of Jesus.

Thank you that NOTHING can take that away.

You are my ever-present help in time of trouble.

Please take this weak flesh of mine and make it wholly yours.

Please make me willing to be willing to take up my cross daily and follow you.

I can do nothing apart from you Jesus.

Susan Aken



Filed under personal, prayer, struggles

2 responses to “A Heart’s Cry

  1. Betsy Mc

    Yes! I will have to print this one out Susan!! Your works speak to me and about me too. I am blessed to know you and to be able to visit your blog…just when I need it.
    love you and God bless you, Betsy


  2. God bless you Betsy! So happy it speaks to you.


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