The Ultimate Victory

Who is the greatest enemy of all human beings?

Is it not death?

Death, the thief that robs us of our loved ones;

the enemy that cuts our life short;

the enemy who is behind most of our fears.

We as human beings are powerless against this enemy.

We cannot defeat him, drive him away or even know when he will strike.

Who will fight for us?

Who will rescue us from his power?


Praise God, it has been done!

When Jesus rose from the dead,

He conquered our enemy forever.

He won the ultimate victory!

Victory because death does not have to be the end.

Victory because in Christ the sting of death has been removed.

Because of Him, we have the hope of eternity in heaven where

there will be no more death or tears or sorrow.

We will live forever free of this enemy, forever free from fear.

This freedom, this victory is offered freely to all who will trust in Jesus.

To all who will believe and accept His gift of love and salvation.

This is the victory we celebrate at Easter!

What a celebration it should be!

To celebrate the day Jesus conquered death.

To celebrate the day He made it possible for us to also be raised up when we die!


“But thanks be to God, who gives us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” I Corinthians 15:57


Happy Easter! Praise God for victory over death!

Susan Aken


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