“For he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.” Romans 13:8 It sounds simple doesn’t it? We can all do that. But if it is so simple, there would be many of us who had fulfilled the law. We wouldn’t need the sacrifice of Jesus. Yet, Jesus came to save our souls because we were powerless. Because we are not able to fulfill the law. Which means, as simple as it sounds, we can’t love our fellowman in our own strength and power. Oh, we can love to a certain extent. We can love the people most special to us. We can love those we see who are helpless and suffering. But to love “all” our fellowman? To really “love”? Love is a powerful word. I can’t be apathetic about someone and love them. I can’t be rude, unfriendly, harsh etc. towards someone and love them. I can’t resent, have bitterness towards or judge others and yet love them. All my fellowmen includes my enemies, it includes those who oppose the gospel. I am not capable of loving my fellowman. Therefore, I praise God that Jesus came to die for me and pay for me sin. He took my sin and gave me His righteousness. He lives in me. He gives me the strength and ability to love others. It doesn’t mean I will do it perfectly. As long as I live in this body, I will still make mistakes, I will still have days that I don’t allow Him to love through me. But the wonderful news is that when I confess my sins, He cleanses me of all unrighteousness. He forgives me! He helps me to start over. As I yield to Him, He works through me to love others. How thankful I am for His grace!



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3 responses to “Reflections

  1. Betsy

    Hi Susan,
    I had someone bully me yesterday at work. I know Jesus wants me to love this person-it has been a struggle. I came to your site, b/c I knew I would find the perfect prose to help me on the path to loving this person. Thank you for this post!!
    God has given you a gift which is a gift to us all:)


  2. Betsy

    I read it again, it gets better each time-like the Word…:)
    Feeling blessed, Betsy


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