The Best Gift to Give at Christmas

Are you hurting today, as Christmas draws near?

Is there pain in your heart, because of what someone did?

Has someone let you down, hurt your feelings,

confused you,

abused you,

not met your expectations?

Is there anger you can’t let go of?

Resentment seething in your soul?

Are you struggling with bitterness from long ago?

Christmas makes it possible for us to be set free.

Jesus came.

He lived.

He died.

He rose again.

He forgives us of every wrong thought and action.

Because of Him, we can forgive others as He has forgiven us.

My prayer this Christmas is that forgiveness

would be the gift we give to each other.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the best gift ever given,

Your Son coming to earth to save our souls

and forgive our sins.

I pray you will help us this Christmas

to give each other the gift of forgiveness.

By your grace, may we

forgive those who have let us down,

forgive the one who hurt our feelings,

forgive those who never quite live up to our expectations.

forgive the thoughtless words and deeds of our loved ones,

as you have forgiven our own thoughtless words and deeds.

Father let forgiveness be the first and best gift we offer

to each one in our lives today.

I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus that you

will help the ones reading this today

to let go of anger, resentment and bitterness.

May each soul be filled with your grace.

May your peace fill each heart.

Open our eyes to see all you have forgiven

us, then help us to give that same forgiveness to others.

Help me, LORD, to forgive, never forgetting

how you have forgiven me.

Your love sets our hearts free.

Praise Your holy name!

S. Aken


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