I want to be the greatest!

     At times, each one of us wants to be the greatest, the best, the most loved, the most popular, the fastest, smartest, most beautiful… on and on. Just like the disciples, asking Jesus, “Who then is the greatest…”  Matt. 18:1   It is so human nature to want to be the best. To want everyone to like “me” the most. To have everyone sing my praises. I know I fall into that temptation. I want everyone to like me. To think I am great. What did Jesus say to them? “Whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” v. 4 Jesus isn’t looking for “the greatest” . He is looking for the humble heart. The one who is willing to lay down their life to serve Him. We are at our best when we forget ourselves and focus on how we can serve others. Help me Lord to be as humble as a child in your sight. Forgive me for so often thinking of myself. Help me instead to focus on You.


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