Running to Jesus

Where do you run when you are in emotional pain?

Do you run to drugs?

They will give temporary relief.

Do you turn to sexual thrills?

That will help for a moment.

Maybe go shopping?

Might help.

After the momentary high,

the emptiness is waiting.

Threatening to swallow you up.

Like a black cloud looming over your head.

An emptiness that erases hope

and fills your mind with dread.

So, do you just stay high?

Become engulfed in pornography or immorality?

Create mounds of debt?

The emptiness will just grow.


Run to Jesus.

He will chase the darkness away.

His love is the light no darkness can bear.

His is lasting hope.

Run to Jesus.

To find peace that passes understanding.

A high without a hangover.

A relationship that truly fulfills.

Run to Jesus.

The place of unconditional forgiveness.

Love that never fails.

Light that causes darkness to flee.

Truth that sets you free.


I run to Jesus.

He is the only one who fills the emptiness.

He is my only source of hope in this world.

He gives me real peace.

His is the love that never turns me down.



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