Funny Pet Story

This actually happened about a month ago. We have a nice big attic that we can access through a wall in our study. It had a small square door opening with about 1/3 of the attic floor covered and no lights. We have always kept tons of stuff in there but it was not always convenient. My husband decided to improve it. He made a bigger door. He went into the attic and covered all of the floor, fixed some walls and put in lighting. While he was working, I made sure to keep the study door closed and to keep an eye on Sugar (our cat) because she has always been curious about the attic. (I didn’t want her getting into the insulation or getting into trouble) Well, on the second day, Russ was finishing (I was going through all the “stuff” we had in the attic – boxes everywhere) He said, “Do you know where Sugar is?”   – “No”   He kept hearing her meow. It turned out she had managed to sneak into the attic and had gone over to the eaves where there is a small opening to the outside. She had jumped or fallen down in between the wall and the edge of the attic. About a foot or so straight down onto insulation. We could not see her or get to her. We could hear a pitiful meow. We tried putting a board in to see if she could climb up (found out it was the wrong spot) We kept telling her to jump up (impossible) I was freaking out. Then she went silent and I was afraid she was hurt. Our son got home and he was upset. Well, Russ finally decided he would have to cut through the roof! He and Jake got on the roof. He calculated correctly and cut a hole directly above her. He used a power saw. Jake had to keep her from trying to jump out while he was cutting! I was on the lawn watching my husband cut a hole in our roof and then he lifts our cat out of the roof! (sort of like being air-lifted to safety) I don’t know what our neighbors thought. She was filthy. Then he had to repair the roof (luckily he is a roofer) You would think she learned a lesson (being in there over an hour) but that night she jumped up and meowed to get into the attic!




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  1. Shawna

    What a silly cat and I thought my Lexie (dog) was a trouble maker! You most certainly have us beat!


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