In memory of Aunt Sis

Another Treasure in Heaven

Another Treasure in Heaven

Always with a kiss,

Always with a smile,

She welcomed each

with arms open wide.

Always with a laugh,

with a joyful attitude,

she loved to joke and tease,

 even in a trial.

Always with love,

her heart held all,

everyone was welcome

when they came to call.

We will miss your open arms.

We will miss your welcoming smile.

We will miss your kiss,

and most of all your love.

Susan Aken



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3 responses to “In memory of Aunt Sis

  1. So sorry I couldn’t be there, she will be so missed.
    Thanks for putting this up.


  2. Vicki

    Susan, Donna told me the other night that several people have told her how much they “enjoyed” the funeral. Can you believe that. Only Aunt Sis could pull that off. Luvya


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