Show me the way

Are you struggling?

Do you feel like you are stumbling around in darkness,

unsure of which way to go?

Does it seem like darkness is closing in around you,

threatening to swallow you?

What you need is pure light.

Light that will shine in any darkness.

Light that cannot be extinguished.

Light that shows the way to go

and warms you when it is cold.

Light that  fills your heart with peace.


Jesus is the “true light”.  (John 1:9)

He is the “light of the world”. (John 8:12)

He offers to us the “light of life”.

He wants to be the light of our life.

A light that no darkness can put out.

A light that shows the way in any darkness.

A light that always points to the truth.

He offers the security His light brings.

He offers the direction His light gives.

He offers the warmth of His presence.

He offers the peace that comes from knowing,

“This is the way, walk in it.”

How do we find the “true light”?

Believe Jesus died and rose from the dead.

Confess your sin and confess Jesus is Lord.

Turn from sin and follow Him.

He will never leave you.

You will never have to walk in darkness again.



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