A great question

     I went to a seminar at church today on Ministry. The speaker gave us a very challenging question to ask ourselves, “Do I want what God wants?” It seems easy to answer. Of course I want what He wants. But does my life show that? Does the way I spend my time, my money, my thoughts, show that? What does God want? He wants people to know He loves them, to know Jesus died for them and for them to believe and trust in Him. It is not His desire that anyone would perish but that all would come to faith in Him. Is that my passion? Often, I am just living my daily life. Living for earthly pursuits. I want God to change my heart. I want Him to give me the grace and power to say, “I want what He wants.” I pray my life will show that. Only what is eternal really matters. Wake me up, Lord, focus my heart on what Your heart cares about.


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  1. fireball3316

    and me too God. that is a great post and a big challenge! today at church we sung “This Is My Desire” – a hillsong song from maybe 10-15 years ago… its lyrics were really challenging and along the thoughts your post is… do i want want Jesus wants? will i bow my life down to his will? will i let him transform me to be like him? this is my desire, to honour and worship you…


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