Thank you God..

Thank you God for a day off to do things I need to do.

Thank you for a warm home in freezing weather.

Thank you for an awesome husband who loves me.

Thank you for a son who is such a blessing to our lives.

Thank you that we are healthy and strong.

Thank you for good food for both body and soul.

Thank you for so many family and friends who love us.

Thank you for the peace I have in my heart with you.

Thank you for forgiveness that takes away my guilt.

Thank you that I can face the future without fear because I know you are there.

Thank you for this moment of peace, quiet and freedom from anxiety.

Thank you also for the small things like chocolate, a good washing machine, the Celine Dione tickets I got for Christmas, my cell phone, eyeglasses and countless other blessings.

Thank you for the things that challenge me and cause me to turn to you such as slow traffic, changed schedules, last minute calls to work, disobedient students, wrinkles, gray hair, rejections, unmet expectations and anything that reminds me that knowing Jesus is all that matters.


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