To See His Glory

Oh, that our eyes could be opened so we could truly see God for whom He is.

If only we could see His love clearly without anything blocking our view.

If we could truly understand all Jesus did for us.

Take the blinders from our eyes LORD.

Help us to see the pure light of Your love.

Help us comprehend Your holiness and glory.

At least give us a glimpse.

The full force of Your glory would be more than we could bear.

If we could see Your full glory, nothing this world has to offer

would ever tempt us again.

Nothing can compare with You!

You are all our dreams come true.

You are all we long for.

All we want is right there in front of us.

If only we would believe, trust, yield.

There are moments I get a shadow of a glimpse.

A moment of realizing the truth.

And in that moment, I know that nothing matters more than knowing You.

Who else could know me for the sinner I am and still love me?

Who else could forgive me when I don’t deserve forgiveness?

There are no words to truly express my need for You or my gratitude for Your grace.

I read Your Holy Word and I know there is no way I can live up to the smallest part of it.

I can’t do it.

I am incapable of being good.

Jesus, that You would offer to be good for me.

That is the most overwhelming gift!

How can I ever stop praising You!!

Yet I do. And You still love me!!

Thank You!

Please shine Your love through me.

Help me to live in dependence on You.

Live Your life through me.


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