Another birthday!

It’s seems like I just did a post about my birthday! But here I am again. The years do go by fast. This one just started so I don’t know what will happen today but I know it will be a good day. We are planning to go to the Olive Garden tonight – always a good thing. Why are we so often reluctant to share our age? It doesn’t change anything. Okay, so I am 55 today. I can’t believe many restaurants now consider me eligible for their “Senior” discount! It is just strange because as we age – inside we stay the same. I still feel like the same person inside that I did 20 years ago. Our bodies change but our souls are ageless. I am so thankful for another year. I am so thankful for a family who loves me. I am blessed beyond measure. I thank God for my health. I thank Him for the freedom to worship Him. Most of all I thank Him for salvation through Jesus Christ and for knowing that no matter how short this life is, I know I will spend eternity with Him. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for a wonderful life, for another year and for the privilege of knowing and loving You.



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2 responses to “Another birthday!

  1. Betsy

    Dear Susan,
    I needed to hear exactly what you said in The Secret Place. It is a blessing to turn to your website for a renewal of spirit.
    Praise Him for your talent!


  2. Betsy

    Whoops, now about YOU! Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Susan, happy birthday to you…


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