The Olympics: The glory and the shame

     I have thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics this year. The stories, the triumphs, the drama, and the amazing athletes, all are inspiring. Michael, Lightning Bolt, The Golden Girls, Shawn, Nastia, Torres, and many, many other amazing stories and feats. I saw the story of the girl with one leg who competed in open water swimming; there was the Australian diver, who took gold from China at the last min., the basketball team, the marathon runner, more than I could even watch. So many stories I never even saw. The beauty of China. The spectacular ceremonies.

      However, the sad side is what we didn’t see. The fact that Christians are persecuted in China and true Christians must worship in underground churches in fear of pain and death. (go to this link) The fact that the country is everything and the individual not much. So many of their athletes are taken as young children to spend their whole lives training and they see their families very little if ever again. There is the one-child policy with many being forbidden to have more than one child. There are the factories where the poor work for pennies a day so that we can have cheap products to buy. I also read that at least a million people were made homeless so that they could build all the venues needed for the Olympics.

      The Chinese put on a spectacular Olympics but they are in desperate need of prayer. It is true though that in spite of persecution, the gospel is spreading and flourishing. I have read that sometimes they pray for us because we as Americans are so complacent and our churches so often take the gospel for granted. May God bless the church in China and may many find freedom in Christ.



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