Video for animal lovers

Christian The Lion – Reunited – From

My sister shared this with me and I had to post it. Chances are you have seen it but what a beautiful story!


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  1. Betsy

    Hi Susan,
    I wrote a bit of your book on a caringbridge website for a young family facing a health crisis with their 3 year old son. Here is a response from my friend Susan from Florida:

    I just read the wonderful, amazing and profound quote from Susan Aiken that you sent to Kris! How this is sure to give her courage and strength ~ I loved it also and got goose bumps reading it. How wonderful He is! I plan to print the text right now!! I would also love to get her book – is it available at the bookstore?

    I sent her to

    The caringbridge website is:

    Could you ask Shadow Lake to Pray for Jonah and his family?

    Love you and will work with you on the 13th:)


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