Walking Through the Graveyard

I was on a walk yesterday and decided to walk through the graveyard. As I got near the back of the graveyard, I noticed in the distance that someone was lying on the ground (on a blanket). At first, I thought, “What an odd place to take a nap.” As I got closer, I realized that this woman had lain down on a grave grieving and fell asleep there. I started thinking about our grief in death. How deep it goes! I looked around at all the flowers and gifts on the graves. Why? Because death is not natural! We were not created to die. We were created to live forever. Every heart that has loved knows it is not right when a loved one dies. We were meant for eternity. Our souls long for the time when death will no longer be our enemy. There is a place like that in heaven. Jesus is preparing a place where there will be no more death, sorrow or tears. If we will just trust Him, believe in Him, turn to Him for our rescue. Someday we will have the eternity we long for.



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2 responses to “Walking Through the Graveyard

  1. Sharon Crunk

    Leroy Frana shared your website with a couple of us at work. My husband recently has had some health problems and Leroy understands the difficulties we have faced. Leroy and I work together and I have known Pam since she used to work for Tim Juilfs at The Ambassador Group. Leroy graduated in ’71 from the Lourdes as I graduated from there in ’74. He always likes to kid me that I’m the older one. I like to kid him about his white hair and mine is still brown. Anyway, I love your website. I have just started to browse through it. You are blessed to have your deep faith. Sometimes, it takes things like what my husband is going through for God to draw us near to him and deeper into our faith. I have always had faith, but I’m not sure that I have always lived my faith. I feel that at “52” I am just beginning to really live my faith and feel God closer to me. Now, I have the challenge to try to get my husband to draw nearer to God. He has been a very lucky man and the only answer as to why he is still here with me today is that “God” in his glory has allowed it to be this way. We have discovered through our trials the good friends that we have. Leroy and Pam have prayed for my husband and Leroy is a great person. My husband and Leroy are the same age. Briefly, in Nov. ’07, my husband had an aneurysm on his aorta grow and he had to have an emergency surgery to replace his ascending aneurysm. At that time, his aorta totally dissected from the root of the heart into his abdomen. This July, Mike, my husband, had his ascending and descending aorta replaced in Cleveland, OH. He still has one more surgery. It took Mike two weeks to come out of sedation and he has some neurological things to deal with. But, in spite of all he has to deal with and what he has been through, I know that God has brought us through this. Since, Nov. 11, 2007, the day he had his emergency, a friend was driving me to Omaha as my husband flew over us in a helicopter to have surgery. My friend and I were praying a rosary and I looked at her and said, “Lisa, it feels like God is turning the pages in a book and he will not let us down”. God is our anchor and is with me now as I write you this. I can attest that God has always been with me and will never leave me. Sorry, for being so windy. There’s just so much to tell about what God has done for us in so many ways. Thanks for having this website. Sharon


  2. Betsy

    Dear Susan,
    Yes, if you do not have Jesus, you fear death. Even though I had my back turned to God most of my life, He loved me still and now the blood of Christ has given me everlasting life!
    Your site is a blessing to me while I am in Little Rock with my brother undergoing cancer treatment.
    Praise the Lord for your talent, and thank you for being obedient to God in using it for His glory.
    Love you and Blessings,


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