Thoughts about our cruise

Elegant dining night with prime ribWell, I am finally sharing about our cruise. The week right after we got back I was sick and did not feel like doing anything. But I am much better now. We had a fantastic time. The weather was beautiful! The ocean was gorgeous. I love the beautiful clear, turquoise water. There is nothing like it. (see picture in the heading) Clear, beautiful water and white sand. I love just looking out at the ocean when we are out at sea. We had so much fun, ate lots of delicious food, saw beautiful scenery. I will add some more pics. It was a wonderful way to celebrate 25 years.



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  1. Betsy

    Hi Susan!
    Congrats again on your 25th Wedding Anniversary-wow!
    I am glad you two had fun:)
    See you soon, and God Bless,
    ps-the ole private balcony thing looks nice….


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