Twenty-Five years of marriage!

Yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary. How can it be that many years? They do fly by. 25 years and we still love each other, are committed to each other and we like each other! How do we do that? Marriage is work for anyone. It means staying committed through the bad days (everyone has bad days), forgiving each other daily (we are all in desperate need of the forgiveness of others), focusing on the good in each other, saying “I love you” everyday, Prayer, Prayer, Prayer, leaning on Jesus when you can’t do it by yourself, being thankful for your spouse (God gave me the best), going out together (dating), watch your mind (avoid impurity), don’t expect perfection (unless you plan to be perfect) and just do the loving thing. Of course, it helps when you have a husband as kind and loving as mine. But any marriage can be stronger if you work at it. I thank God for these twenty-five years and look forward to the next twenty-five (God willing)!


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