He Lifts Me Up

My heart hurts.

My weakness.

My sin.

My pride.

My selfishness….wait

I see a pattern here.

Maybe all the “my” is a problem.

When I focus on “me”,

it doesn’t take long to get depressed.

When I look at the great “I AM”,

immediately my spirit lifts.

When I look at

God’s strength.

His righteousness.

His glory.

His unending grace.

The selfless love of Jesus.

He lifts me up.

He carries me beyond myself.

He is my righteousness.

He gives me hope.



Filed under Faith, personal

2 responses to “He Lifts Me Up

  1. Vicki Moser

    That is exactly right. If we could just learn that one lesson everything else would be better.


  2. betsy mc

    Awesome! And so true. I need to focus on the
    ‘I AM’ more. Gave your ‘Hope’ book to our friend who has cancer-I know your words come from God and will lift her up.
    Blessings, Betsy


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