God uses it all

When we stop to really look at our lives and all that has happened to us in terms of what God is doing in our lives today, it is amazing to see how He uses everything that has ever happened to us to work through us for His glory. It is like each experience, every stage of our lives is a thread and God takes all those threads to create a beautiful tapestry. Corrie Ten Boom used to say that we get confused because we see the underside which looks like a mess but when you turn it over! Wow! It all makes sense. Sometimes, I see a glimpse of how all those threads have been brought together in my life. God is amazing! He doesn’t waste anything but can use it all to work together for His glory.



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  1. Thanks, I ghosted a WW2 veteran biography a few years ago and ended it with this reference. Good to be reminded of it.


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