Great weekend – a gift from God!

God gave me a wonderful gift this weekend. He gave me the opportunity to go to the Women of Faithconference free! I hadn’t even planned to go at all. He even threw in a free lunch! It was such a wonderful blessing. I have been before 7 or 8 times over the past 13 years. These ladies are such a gift. But I also got to hear Max Lucado on Friday night. And the music! Sandi Patti and Nicole C. Mullen are fantastic. (look at the video below to hear her sing) But the greatest is being reminded of how much God loves me, of how His grace is infinite and covers all my life. How He wants His beauty to shine through me. Awesome!

Highlights: Sensing the peace and Spirit of God that comes when Max speaks; hearing Sandi Patti sing To God Be the Glory! Oh my!, Nicole Mullen’s concert, Nicole Johnson’s dramas, the messages of all the ladies – in fact – the whole weekend. Thank you Father for blessing me. Thank you for Your love.

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